Oliveira da Serra Criações

Sovena / 2017



The product:

Oliveira da Serra Criações is a selection of extra virgin olive oil signed by three renowned Portuguese chefs — Justa Nobre, Vítor Sobral, and Rui Paula. This results in 3 different extra virgin olive oils, with a touch of singularity and expertise form each one of the chefs.

Our mental space:

Unique olive oils, ranging from the strongest and most pronounced flavours to the most harmonious and aromatic or the most mild and fruity, that can give every dish its unique personality. So, we opted for using premium elements: dark green and gold, to illustrate and present the creators of each of these limited editions and created a set of visual cues and graphic elements that help consumers decide which flavour profile better fits their tastes.

Oliveira da Serra Criações